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free quebec city travel guides

Quebec City tour guide tip: How to get free travel guides

How to get free Quebec City travel guides Be ”in the know” Here’s a tour guide tip I always share with my guests before they even step foot here in Quebec City. When my clients are booking a tour with me, I suggest they get free Quebec City travel guides and maps to help them […]

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Orleans Island bike tour

The tourism industry here is a small world. Everyone knows each other and we all want to support each others. As a tour company owner and tour guide, I want to know what’s new in my city and it’s region so that I can give the best travel advice to my guests.

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Quebec City cruise

Quebec City cruise: what you should know

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself with an extraordinary cruise to Quebec City! Guess what: Quebec City is going to be a highlight of your cruise!

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My experience at the WITS’ 19 in Portland, ME

My experience at the WITS’ 19 in Portland, ME In early May 2019 I had the chance to attend the Women in Travel Summit (WITS) which was held in Portland, Maine. In 2018, this event was taking place in my hometown, Quebec City. Therefore, I had to go!

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amimoc shoes quebec city

My shoes love story with Amimoc

Why I keep posting stuff about my shoes I’ve been posting photos on my Instagram account  about my shoes for a while now. What is this all about?

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weirdest questions

Top 5 weirdest questions I had on a tour

Alright, first of all, as a tour guide, I LOVE having questions on my tours! I really do! Questions shows interest and curiosity, which are excellent qualities that every traveler should have.

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prepare for a walking tour

5 tips to get ready for an amazing walking tour

Your private tour with me is now booked! Yay! Now you want to know how to prepare and make sure you are ready to have the most memorable experience ever. A good tourist, is a prepared tourist!

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