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I'm not just a tour guide in Quebec City; I'm also deeply passionate about photography.

Bonjour! I’m Marie-Pierre.

In 2015, after finishing a three-year program in Tourism, I started my own tour company, Nomad Tours Quebec. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, tourism plummeted in Quebec City, as it did worldwide. This forced me to seek alternative sources of income. Fortunately, I secured an incredible contract with Crosby’s Molasses/La Mélasse GrandMa based Saint John, NB, working as a content creator, recipe developer, social media and content manager. Over the past four years, this role allowed me to excel my food photography skills, and I am immensely grateful for this fantastic job opportunity. Now, I am offering my services to any food company or food blog in need of a versatile content creator.

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Food Photography

Baking, cooking, and capturing mouthwatering photos


Creating engaging video content for your brand

Social Media Manager

Ensuring your brand shines and stands out online

French and English Content

Ability to create content in both of Canada's official languages


For four years, I served as a content creator, recipe developer, and content manager for Crosby's Molasses/La Mélasse GrandMa in Canada. During this time, excel my food photography skills. I am now offering my versatile content creator skills and services to food companies or food blogs.


"Marie Pierre embodies the ideal content manager, seamlessly blending creative ingenuity with a keen understanding of consumer psychology. Her expertise spans from imaginative photography to maintaining brand coherence effortlessly. She would undoubtedly elevate any team fortunate enough to have her."
“I truly enjoyed having Marie-Pierre on our team at Crosby’s. She is creative, funny, passionate, a skilled photographer, and savvy content developer and manager. The Quebecois perspective she brought to our Mélasse Grandma brand social content had an immediate positive impact. I highly recommend her for a similar role.”
Bruce Wright
Director of Brand and Marketing (Retired) Crosby Molasses
“Working with Marie- Pierre is both productive and enjoyable, and she has been instrumental in establishing quality online visibility for Québec Aventure Tours through the website and social media. It's always easy to discuss strategy and current projects. Other collaborations are already planned!”
François Jacques
Owner, Québec Aventure Tours


My playground and my favourite scenery

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