Frequently asked questions about Nomad Tours Québec

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Nomad Tours Quebec’s walking tours. Have another question that is not listed here? Please write me at [email protected] and I’ll answer your questions as soon as I can!

Who is my guide?

Answer: Your guide is Marie-Pierre Lessard and here are a few words about me:I grew up in the Quebec City suburb of Portneuf and moved to the heart of the Old Capital about 13 ago. I felt in love with this multifaceted city. Every day, Québec surprises me with its secrets, its lovely winding streets, its posh restaurants, its vibrant nightlife and its residents’ « joie de vivre ». I have been a tour guide since receiving a degree in Tourism from College Mérici in 2014. A few months after my graduation, I started my own tour company, Nomad Tours Quebec. I love showing off my city to all who open their eyes to it.

Do we need to book to join one of Nomad Tours Québec walking tours?

Answer: Yes, it mandatory to reserve your place. You can do so by contacting me at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

It’s my first time visiting Quebec City. Which of your tours is the best for me?

Answer: I recommend you book the Quebec City 101 tour. It is my most general tour and we see the main sights of Old Quebec on this walking tour.

What is the starting time of your tours?

Answer: I run private tours so I don’t have a predetermined starting time. We will start our tour at the most convenient time for you!

Are tours canceled in case of bad weather (rain or snow)?

Answer: No, your guide is not afraid of bad weather.

How can I pay?

Answer: You may pay in Canadian or US dollars. Nomad Tours Québec does not accept any other form of payment for the moment. ATM machines are available at many places in the Old City.

Is it possible to have a discount for groups?

Answer: Absolutely! Contact me for more information at the following e-mail address [email protected]

Is my guide qualified to be a tour guide in Quebec City?

Answer: Yes. A one-year training or a 3-year technique program in Tourism is mandatory in order to have a tour guide license. This training is recognized by Québec City Professional Tour Guides Association (AGTQ) and an official diploma is given when the student graduates. When guiding, a tour guide must wear his license visibly.  Wearing the license is proof of competence, of respect for the municipal laws and of other tour guides. A tour guide not wearing a valid permit contravenes the municipal bylaw and is liable to a substantial fine.

Is the tip included in the tour fee?

Answer: No. If you enjoyed your tour, you can show your appreciation to your guide after the tour.

Do you require a minimum number of people for a departure for any of Nomad Tours Québec walking tours’ to take place?

Answer: No. However, my fares are the same for 1 or 2 persons.

Are you employed by Quebec City’s tourism office?

Answer: No, Nomad Tours Québec is an independent company.

Have another question that is not listed here?

Please write me at [email protected] and I’ll answer your questions as soon as I can!

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