Best shopping streets in Quebec City

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On my walking tours, my guests often ask me what was I doing before being a tour guide in Quebec City. Well, I had multiple jobs and studied quite a lot!

After high school, I did a 2-year program studying Art and Literature. Then, I got my University Diploma after studying Art at Laval University. After few years working for the Hudson Bay Company (a large Canadian retail store), I decided to go back to school. I started studying the Tourism Industry at Merici College. I was studying for 35 hours a week and working in at Olsen Europe, small clothing store, for 20 hours a week. It was hard. But, I made it! I always liked clothing, fashion and style. Now, as a Quebec City Tour guide, I’m always exploring Quebec’s best shopping streets and I started to build my own personal list of favorite shops and commercial street. Let me share with you my favorite picks!

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Did you know?
54% of travelers go shopping during their summer vacation (Statistic Brain)

When I started running my tours with Nomad Tours Quebec, in 2015, I met another tour guide who was offering free Quebec City tours, Samuel Dubois. I did not know him from school or anything, but I knew he was just starting, like me. We decided, even if we are to a certain extent ”competitors” , to help each other and not put spokes in each other’s wheel. When we both started our blog, it was a good opportunity to support each other. We all have our own passions and interests, so our contributions would simply make our blog more diverse and interesting.

Top 5 Best shopping streets in Quebec City

My collaboration to Sam’s blog

petit champlain street
Petit Champlain Street on summer evening.

All those years working in retail in clothing stores made me like fashion and good style. I’m not a fashion specialist nor a stylist, but with the experience I got, I now have the eye for good materials and quality. So, I can now add that to my ”tour guide skills” !

I came up with the idea of writing a blog post for Sam about the best shopping streets in Quebec City, because I know that shopping is not Sam’s cup of tea (sorry Sam). So, I invite you to visit Sam’s blog and read my post over there. Let’s share so blog love! 🙂

Best shopping streets in Quebec City

Ready for more? I wrote this blog post for Sam’s website. The full list is on his site 🙂

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