Top things to do in Quebec City

best winter activities in Quebec City

Amazing winter activities to do in Quebec City

Last year, I wrote a blog post about ice fishing in Quebec City and let me tell you, it’s one of my most popular blog post EVER! WOW! Who knew an article about ice fishing would be so popular?

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My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

WOW! 2019 was not only an incredible touring year (thanks to all my guests) but also my first year as a blogger. Since the moment I started my business, Nomad Tours Quebec, in 2015, I wanted to have a blog. What was stopping me? English… YEP! English! As a native French speaker, I did not […]

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citadelle changing of the gurard quebec city

Quebec City’s Citadel and Changing of the Guard

Like many travelers who are planning a trip here in Quebec City, you are probably reading many “top 10 attraction” or “top things to do in Quebec City” type of blog posts. The Citadel is without a doubt on all these lists!  Discover why the Citadel is a must-see on all my walking tours of Quebec […]

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bike tour orleans island

Orleans Island bike tour

The tourism industry here is a small world. Everyone knows each other and we all want to support each others. As a tour company owner and tour guide, I want to know what’s new in my city and it’s region so that I can give the best travel advice to my guests.

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Quebec City cruise

Quebec City cruise: what you should know

So, you’ve decided to treat yourself with an extraordinary cruise to Quebec City! Guess what: Quebec City is going to be a highlight of your cruise!

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shopping in quebec city

Best shopping streets in Quebec City

Best shopping streets in Quebec City On my walking tours, my guests often ask me what was I doing before being a tour guide in Quebec City. Well, I had multiple jobs and studied quite a lot!

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top things to do with kids in Quebec City, family-friendly

5 Fun things to do with kids in Quebec City

Quebec City is the perfect destination for  families. It is safe, walkable and has a great variety of things to do for the whole family. As a tour guide and local who grew up here, I know how there’s so much to do, indoors and out!

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Here is my top 5 list of hidden gems in Old Quebec

Top 5 hidden gems in Old Quebec

Top 5 hidden gems in Old Quebec Alright, you are planning a getaway in beautiful Quebec City. As a professional tour guide in Quebec’s Capital, I say ”Thank you!”

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dufferin terrace

Romantic Quebec: Dufferin Terrace

Dufferin Terrace is like the Time Square of Quebec City, you just can’t miss it. It’s as if the streets of the Old City converge on this terrace. 

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fortifications by nomad tours quebec

Quebec City’s Fortifications

One of the first main tourist sights travelers visit my City are Quebec City’s Fortifications (ramparts) around the Old City. Oftentimes my guests see them when driving under St-Louis Gate on the way to their hotel.  

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