shopping in quebec city

Best shopping streets in Quebec City

Best shopping streets in Quebec City

On my walking tours, my guests often ask me what was I doing before being a tour guide in Quebec City. Well, I had multiple jobs and studied quite a lot!

After high school (I was 17 years old), I studied Art and Literature at Ste-Lawrence College. Then, I did a 1-year program in Visual Arts at Laval University. I wanted to be an artist. At the time, I had a summer job at a summer camp and during winter, I was a ski instructor. It was fun, but I was a bit lost… I did not know what to do with my career. So, I started working in a large clothing store. I saved for a wonderful eye-opening 1-month trip to France. I understood that I needed to kick my butt and go back to school. This time, I would study the Tourism Industry at Merici College. I was studying for 35 hours a week and working in a small clothing store for 20 hours. It was hard. But, I made it!

Sam’s free tours

Samuel Dubois Tour guide Quebec City
Sam and I do not compete… I even took this picture! He now uses it everywhere!

When I started running my tours with Nomad Tours Quebec, in 2015, I met another tour guide who was offering free tours, Samuel Dubois. I did not know him from school or anything, but I knew he was just starting, like me. We decided, even if we are to a certain extent ”competitors” , to help each other and not put spokes in each other’s wheel. When we both started our blog, it was a good opportunity to support each other. We all have our own passions and interests, so our contributions would simply make our blog more diverse and interesting.

Did you know?
54% of travelers go shopping during their summer vacation (Statistic Brain)

My collaboration to Sam’s blog

People shopping in the Petit-Champlain
Petit Champlain Street on the summer day

All those years working in retail in clothing stores made me like fashion and good style. I’m not a fashion specialist nor a stylist, but with the experience I got, I now have the eye for good materials and quality. So, I can now add that to my ”tour guide skills” !

I came up with the idea of writing a blog post for him about the best shopping streets in Quebec City, because I know that shopping is not Sam’s cup of tea (sorry Sam). So, I invite you to visit Sam’s blog and read my post over there. Let’s share so blog love! 🙂

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