Safety on Tour / COVID-19

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Safety on tour: what I do to Keep my guests safe

  • I follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities
  • I focus on my private walking tours to ensure flexibility and safety
  • I am limiting my group sizes to 10 participants per guide. If your group is larger than this, I will call in extra guides.
  • I avoid crowded areas, as much as I can.
  • As a tour guide, I keep 2 meters (6ft) between me and my guests.
  • I include hand-picked, off-the-beaten-path areas on tour. Who likes crowds anyway?
  • I always keep hand-sanitized on me. Always usefull both for me and my guests.
  • If I can't keep 2 meters between my guests. I will be wearing my mask.
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safety on tour guide quebec

''Are you still running your Quebec City Tour Marie?''

This probably the question I most often get these days. The answer is YES. As for early June, I'm allowed to run my Quebec City Tours, following very strict safety rules. Safety on tour is my first priority.

I see this period of time as an opportunity to adapt and make changes on my own tours. My industry will change forever so I better act now!

The Health and Safety Improvements Nomad Tours Quebec is Making so Your Quebec Visit is Worry-Free

For 6 years, I've been proud to call myself a member of Canada’s Tourism Industry. The potential impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and businesses like mine isn’t yet known which is why I've being proactive and improving my health and safety on tour practices starting today.

Whether you’re coming from the United States, Canada or from Quebec, I am taking measurable action to protect you, myself and my partners. If you feel under the weather with any cold or flu symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact me and either reschedule or cancel at no charge. If you booked a tour and need to reseachule your trip, let me know. I'm extra flexible theses days!

With the major measures I'm taking to protect you, myself and the general public, I can ensure your next Quebec City tour will be safe and worry-free.

Coronavirus in Quebec City: What you Need to Know 

Most attractions, restaurants and facilities are open and ready to welcome guests in a safe environment. Despite of the current situation, there is so much to see and do in Quebec City and it's region! 
Also, nature and wonderful parks are very close to the city. They allow visitors to have the space they need for an ideal and safe excursion. 
It is mandatory to wear a mask in all indoor places including public transportation, shops and grocery stores. Masks are mandatory for people 12 years and older. 

Stay informed.

As you know. the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic changes rapidly. Please visit the our government’s websites to have the most up to date information. 


I want to thank everyone for supporting my small Canadian business. I remain committed to delivering award-winning tours and customer service while taking every measure possible to protect everyone’s health and safety during the COVID-19 uncertainty. I just love what I do and I will be there when you are ready to travel again in my beloved city.I make everything possible so you can enjoy a Quebec City tour with me in a safe and clean environment.Hope to see you soon!

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