My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

WOW! 2019 was not only an incredible touring year (thanks to all my guests) but also my first year as a blogger. Since the moment I started my business, Nomad Tours Quebec, in 2015, I wanted to have a blog. What was stopping me? English… YEP! English! As a native French speaker, I did not want to embarrass myself and make mistakes…I was too shy!

marie and seb sunny tour guide
The off-season is the perfect time for retrospection… and have a photo session with Sunny Tour Guide!

Help from Toronto

Then, last winter, help came my way. That help was from Chedo, owner of Clearview Digital Marketing located in Mississauga, near Toronto. Long story short, his agency helps small business owners design better websites (and make more sales). We met on a Facebook group for tours and activity providers. He highly recommended that I start blogging and that a blog would help me drive more views on my website. If you are familiar with search engine optimization, you know what I’m talking about. Thanks to Chedo, I now know a lot about SEO and how to properly take care of my website. I took all my courage and started writing my first article, then another…Turns out, Chedo was right! My views on my website skyrocketed! Some of my clients now don’t find me because they were looking for a tour, but they find me because of my blog posts!

My first year as a blogger

Ever the title “blogger” feels strange to me. I can not say that I’m a “good ” at writing. Even in French, I’m not that good. However, after one year as a blogger, I now see the benefits of having a blog and I feel that content and inspiration is far from missing. I live in one of the most beautiful city on earth after all! There are so many things a tour guide can share to potential visitors!

My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

Below, you’ll see my top 5 most popular blog posts of 2019 raked by the number of views. Thanks to everyone who have read my blog this year!

#1- Ice fishing in Quebec

Probably the activity you did not know you wanted to try!

Looking for the perfect activity in Quebec City the whole family will enjoy? Ice fishing might be the activity you are looking for!
As soon as it gets cold enough, most of the time in January, the ice covering lakes and rivers get thick enough and the ice fishing season can officially begin! It’s a very festive activity and the opportunity to meet your friends and loved-ones. Because of that, ice fishing is definitely a tradition in Quebec and in Canada.

#2- Top 5 hidden gems in Old Quebec

Because you can be adventurous even in Old Quebec!

Alright, you are planning a getaway in beautiful Quebec City. I’m a 100% sure that you will live memorable experiences here and that you will fall in love with the Quebecois joie-de-vivre. If you are like me when traveling, you will want to explore and go off the beaten path. How about I tell you that it is possible to go off the beaten path and still stay in the Old City?

#3- The best poutine in Quebec City

We all have a hungry french-canadian craving for poutine inside of us

Poutine is the unofficial national dish of Québec. I would not say it’s the most traditional food of my province, but it surely the most known and famous one! Even if many restaurants have their own version of it, poutine will always be the ultimate comfort food.
You can count on poutine to warm you up on a cold winter day or to fill you up after a night where you had too much drinks. So, where is the best poutine in Quebec City?

#4- Top 5 most traditional foods you must taste in Quebec

Because you are not in my hometown to eat at McDonald’s

Traditional food of Quebec is as rich, vibrant and diverse as the province itself. The strongest influences on traditional Quebec cuisine come from France, British and Ireland, as they are the three largest ethnic groups in the province. Also, many aspects of Canadian First Nation cuisine have also had a significant impact on Quebec cuisine.

#5- Marie’ 5 tips for Quebec City

Because a good tourist is a prepared tourist!

I’m 100% sure you want to get the most out of your trip (and your guided tour) in Quebec City. A prepared tourist, is a good tourist! Here are 5 tips for Quebec City from my tool box I prepared for you to help you plan your stay here. Enjoy!

What do you think of my most popular blog posts of 2019? Maybe some of them surprised you? Personally, I never thought that the post about ice fishing in Quebec City would be so popular! Who knew? If you liked this article, please comment and share. Again, thank you so much for reading my posts, it means a lot to me! If you are planning a trip here, let me know! I would be happy to show you around on a guided tour!

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That’s me, Marie-Pierre, enjoying a photo session with Sunny Tour Guide

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