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Quebec City tour guide tip: How to get free travel guides

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Once you get your Quebec City map, study it. Learn where the main streets are, where you hotel is, etc.

How to get free Quebec City travel guides

Be ”in the know”

Here’s a tour guide tip I always share with my guests before they even step foot here in Quebec City. When my clients are booking a tour with me, I suggest they get free Quebec City travel guides and maps to help them plan their stay here. I’m aware that everyone has Google Maps nowadays on their phones but I believe in good old maps when visiting a new city. An informed tourist is a good tourist!

Disclaimer: I’m a native French speaker.  English is not my first language. I learned English at school. I might have made a few mistakes in this blog post.  If I did, please let me know, its the best way I can improve!

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On your map, locate the most important landmarks such as the Château Frontenac as well as the Ste-Lawrence River and Orleans Island.

Get free Quebec City travel guides directly to your mailbox

Along with tourist guides, you can also order:
Quebec City and area map
Cycling routes map
Snowmobile trail map

Quebec City’s tourism board

Quebec City’s tourism board (Quebec Region) is both a regional tourism organisation and a department of the City of Québec. Its mission is to coordinate, guide and represent the tourism industry here. They take care of the tourism marketing and they provide information to visitors through several media such as their website, Facebook page, Instagram account and of course… paper guides! Honestly, you should have a deep look at their website. It’s a gold mine of information and you can be sure the information is up to date and relevant. Note that this organisation also represents the regions around Quebec City ( Greater QC City) which includes Jacques Cartier, Côte de Beaupré, Ile d’Orleans and Portneuf (where I grew up!)

Most regional tourism organisation like Montreal or Gaspésie will offer similar guides and maps so if you are planning to visit outside Quebec City (which you should do!), these organisations will have you covered.

Need inspiration?

Discover my favorite 5 hidden gems of Old Quebec. Psstt!!… they are all included in my walking tours!

Need inspiration?
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That’s me! I’m Marie-Pierre, your tour guide, wearing my favorite boots from Amimoc!

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