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My shoes love story with Amimoc

Why I keep posting stuff about my shoes

I’ve been posting photos on my Instagram account  about my shoes for a while now. What is this all about? Do I have a fascination with footwear?Am I obsessed with my feet? Don’t worry, my mental health is fine! The thing is, I have an amazing partnership with Amimoc and let me tell you about them!

Disclaimer: I’m a native French speaker.  English is not my first language. I learned English at school, but I mostly learned it by watching to The Simpsons and listening to rock/metal music. So, I might have made a few mistakes in this blog post.  If I did, please tell me, its the best way I can improve!

amimoc boutique petit champlain

Amimoc sell their trendy shoes, boots and accessories in quaint Petit Champlain neighborhood.

My shoes love story with Amimoc

My debuts as a tour guide and looking for partnerships

When I started my business, Nomad Tours Quebec, in 2015, I wanted to make interesting partnerships with local entrepreneurs and shops around the Old City. I wanted to find partners who share the same values as me and that these associations would benefit both parties. I’ve made the list of partnerships I would like to have. As a result, I came up with a fun (but a bit crazy) idea. How about I find a shop who would ”sponsor” my shoes? As a tour guide in hilly Quebec City, I get to walk a lot and I still want to look fashionable. Why not giving it a try? On my tours, I keep saying that we have amazing entrepreneurs here in Quebec City so I felt that it was important that I represent, in the way I dress, our local artisans. Well, I knew exactly the shop I needed.

amimoc yellow boots

My super flashy waterproof boots. Perfect for my fall tours!

About Amimoc

Amimoc is a cute and welcoming shop in famous Petit-Champlain neighborhood. They make boots, shoes, bags, accessories both for men, women and kids. They are mostly well-known for their colorful hand-made moccasins. I especially like the fact that their products are made in Quebec City near the Huron-Wendat Native Reserve.  This business was established in 1956 by Mr Auclair and Martineau and their savoir-faire is transmitted from generation to generation, the same way their ancestors made shoes for centuries. The brand ”Amimoc” was then launched in the 1990’s.

Why I contacted Amimoc

I really thought it would be cool to show my city with footwear that are made here, not abroad. That’s actually the reason why I wanted to partner with them. Their shoes are made in my city, by local artisans. So, one day, I with all my courage, I visited them at their boutique, and asked them if they wanted to partner with me. Well,  I got a ”yes”! I was so happy and thrilled! My shoes love story with Amimoc was going to begin…

amimoc mocassins

Amimoc moccasins’. So cute and comfy!

Amimoc shoes on my tours

Amimoc’s shoes look different from any other brands. The excellent quality of the materials really stands out. When I pick new shoes, I want the most flashy and colorful ones, because like them I really want my guests to notice them! I know it sounds weird, but who doesn’t like being stopped, to be told that his shoes are amazing? At the end of my tours, I always give a few handouts to my guests such as maps, flyers, a postcard and I also give a 10% off discount card on any pair of shoes at Amimoc.

amimoc winter boots

Rocking my new Amimoc winter boots on the Dufferin Terrace

History of the Petit-Champlain neighborhood

The Quartier (neighborhood) Petit Champlain is known as one of the most beautiful sights of Old Quebec. It is located in the lower-town, at the bottom of the cliff under the famous Château Frontenac. It is an authentic area that all visitors should explore. Petit-Champlain Street is one of the oldest commercial streets in North America. As a result, in 2019, was ranked in the top 27 most beautiful streets in the World by Architectural Digest. This pedestrian street offers a wide diversity of interesting local shops (designers, crafts, paintings, silk painters, wood carvers, etc.) and restaurants in a romantic setting.

tour guide in quebec city with yellow boots

That’s me! I’m Marie-Pierre, your tour guide, wearing her favorite boots from Amimoc (again!)

You can order Amimoc’s shoes online or visit them directly at their boutique located on Petit-Champlain Street in Old Quebec.

Will I be showing you the Petit-Champlain neighborhood (with my awesome shoes!) during your next stay here? I hope so! You can contact me or book a tour using the contact form below.

See you in Quebec City!

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